Anatomy Project by Sally McKiernan

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As the end of the year is approaching, I don’t think I am alone in saying that I am ready to be done with homework, projects, and tests. This probably goes for people in all grades, but especially for the seniors. This is why the other day when my anatomy teacher told our class that we had one last project to complete before the end of the school year, my first reaction was not a pleasant one. He told us it would be due a week before finals, and I could not even think about getting something done during that time. It was safe to say that, until he explained it, I was less than thrilled.

He described a project that had to do with nutrition, which is something I am actually very interested in; that helped improve my attitude toward it a little. The project involved keeping a two-week food log of our exercise and what we eat as well. After thinking about this for a while, I realized that it might actually be a great opportunity for me to take initiative with my health and get an exercise routine set. This project is something that can actually help me and teach me something, and can help me earn a good grade as well.

As a student, it is hard to balance a social life, schoolwork, and keeping up with my health and exercise. A project like this helps me knock out two of the three of those, and that is actually really helpful. I think that if teachers gave projects more often that we can easily incorporate into our daily lives, students would learn the class material better by applying it to real world scenarios. This project is something I am excited to do, and (again) I am going to say that every student should take

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Anatomy Project by Sally McKiernan