La Salle, It was a Blast! by Cameron Kelly

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Senior year is coming to a close, and through this time we have focused on many topics. From how to deal with college rejection to how to handle the stress of finals. The paper (Journalism) and school have been preparing us for varieties of situations we will face “tomorrow”. Here it is, the end of the year and we are gearing up for our last finals as high school students. Most of us have chosen a university or a college of our choice and, now, are experiencing the whirlwind of emotions that we felt this at the start of the 2015-2016 period.

These emotions stem from a sense that it is “finally ending” Additionally, we might also have told ourselves that our futures are all figured out. Logically, we know this is not true, yet we persist and wonder.

Nothing is certain. There is no solid guarantee that anything you have planned will go exactly how you want it to. But I have some words of encouragement for you seniors. You got this? There is no more having to do exactly as your parents say. It really is all up to you! I know as much as your teachers, principal and school administration (and your parents!) that you can face your future head on! We are all capable, every single one of us, of tremendous perseverance. High school wasn’t always a cakewalk; there were breakups, rumors, and too many stressful days that lead to sleepless nights. But we have been there and we have come back!

When we walk across that stage on May 27th that will be it. We will no longer show up at the footsteps of La Salle at 8am for our two-hour classes, no more long lunch lines in a crowded dining hall, no more uniforms. We are done. But do not let this sadden you. Perhaps a little melancholy is okay, but there is no need to feel like this is goodbye. We will all see each other again, and we will be smarter and have more life experiences to share with each other. As much as we complain and talk about our experiences here at La Salle High School, we really still are a family. We have seen the best (and worst) from everybody graduating this May. Be proud, be excited. We will meet in new places and new circumstances and new years in new places. See you later La Salle; it has been a blast. And, like being in a rocket as it moves forward, that blast will always be remembered.

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La Salle, It was a Blast! by Cameron Kelly