A Trip to the Beach by Kayci Jatico

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A Trip to the Beach by Kayci Jtico

That was all she ever wanted in the world. She desired a trip to the beach with her husband. She wanted to sit with her feet out the window while the salty ocean air made it’s way between her toes. She wanted to pick her favorite songs and play them loud enough so her husband would cover his ears and all the cars around her could hear it. She would get all fidgety at the sight of the ocean and start to dance, even though the people in the car next to her would stare. The anticipation would kill her as she caught a glimpse of the never-ending miles of sand.

She now sat in bed with her eyes closed and recollected all that had happened in her life. She thought about college graduation and how it seemed so long ago. Straight out of college, she took a position as a designer at a fashion institution. It has been her dream for years and she is finally pursued it. It started off simply as designing but eventually the tasks became more and more difficult.

Years passed and she found herself sitting in the desk of the CEO of the design company. She gave her assistant her coffee order and harshly critiqued every designer’s work. She had become the boss that made all the workers cringe with trepidation as she walked into the room. Who would have guessed that she would find herself in charge? She did! She worked endlessly to ensure this outcome. That was all she ever wanted. Or was it? Her dream was to be a successful designer, not a scary CEO. She had daydreamed of designing; now she was a bitch.

She remembered her life then and examined her current situation. Her whole life had been spent becoming a designer. In the end, she earned a huge paycheck and all had obtained all the power in the company. She had forgotten how to fall in love, how to start a family, and how to do anything but work. She sat in bed in the Sandy Hill Retirement Home with no one to talk to, nobody to call, nobody with whom she might go to the beach.

Then along came Bill; Bill from Room 34. He had something about him that was similar in nature to hers, and in some ways they seemed to be the same person. They shared this lack of love and family in their lives. After a few weeks of having meals together and the much appreciated endless conversation, Bill finally asked her on a date. She lit up with joy because she had never been in this position and also never felt this way about anyone before. Her heart beat so fast she could feel the thumps when she placed her hand against chest. She was finally able to be a young woman, falling in love and going on dates.

The day had finally come when Bill waited for her to go on their big date. She opened the door in a dress she had never worn before because she had never a reason to wear it. Bill’s eyes widened; he couldn’t help but smirk. Before him stood a woman that he had known only a few weeks, but with whom he had fallen completely in love.

As they exited the freeway, Bill rolled down the window and turned on her favorite song. She looked over and smiled as he turned it up louder. She could smell the ocean as the breeze sent her hair flying in every direction. They pulled up to the beach and she ran out, letting her toes sink into the sand. Bill walked next to her and held her hand. He looked over at her then glanced out toward the ocean saying, “I love you Molly.” This was all she ever wanted in the world.

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A Trip to the Beach by Kayci Jatico