No Idea in Her Head by Kayci Jatico

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With not a single idea in her head, she sat there staring at the bright screen on her laptop. The paper was due soon and she had nothing, nothing at all. How was she supposed to write a paper if she did not have an idea to write about? It was so bad that she even resorted to googling topics. Everyone was going to pick a current event from online and those were no fun to write about. Who wanted to read an article and just summarize it and throw a few opinions in every now and then? She knew that she was much better at creative writing rather than journalism, but she was still left figuring out what she would write about.

As she sat there and attempted to think of something, the distractions just kept piling up. How was she supposed to focus when Grey’s Anatomy was on Netflix and she had been watching the last 6 seasons of the ultimate binge; she had been lost in one action packed episode after another. She was caught up in how Meredith and Christina were going to escape the plane crash but she was attempting to write about an issue of some sort at the same time. Her fingers typed letters every now and then, but she had no single-mindedness for what she was actually typing.

She snapped out of the diversion television had become, grasping the reality that she had gotten nothing done for over three hours. She had an idea! She started typing away and, paragraph after paragraph; the paper was closer to completion. She was happy now to have finally gotten something down on paper, to turn in something that had started as absolutely nothing. Quite honestly, she was just happy to have created something from the nothing that existed thirty minutes earlier. She now had a page-long paper in contrast to simply having only her name at the top of the paper. “Kayci Jatico”.

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No Idea in Her Head by Kayci Jatico