Fun Job vs. Well-Paying Job by Eric Elizalde

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Fun Job vs. Well paying Job

Everyone, well mostly everyone, has some sort of aspiration. They have a dream. They want to be something great, something prolific. How often does a dream job come true? How often does that dream job sustain one financially? The truth is that dreams and fiscal success do not often come together and create a personal utopia. So, what does one do? What do you do when presented with a choice between happiness or success. It can be tricky situation resulting in many conclusions. You could be happy, but struggling financially. You could be miserable, but filthy rich. And rarely, you can enter the goldilocks zone.

The ultimate truth is that each individual is quite different due to upbringing and genetics. Many people do not necessarily desire wealth. Instead they would prefer to live poor but be happy in an occupation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this personal choice. A much more criticized approach to life in the workplace is the pursuit of material success. While certain arguments against the said approach are valid, there are many objectives that are unworthy of pursuit. There is nothing wrong with wanting a nice house in a respectable neighborhood; it is, in fact, admirable to pursue a job that provides stability and benefits society. This is much how Nineteen-fifties America functioned.

In the end there really is no “right” choice. The individual does matter as long as they are contributing to society in some way that is beneficial and supportive of society. Often “success” comes down to an individual’s personality and beliefs. If that person wants a job that is enjoyable but that doesn’t necessarily pay well, then let them do it. If they want a well-paying career that does not exactly click with their passion, then let them do it. If they find a job they love that pays well, then they are one of the lucky ones.Fu

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Fun Job vs. Well-Paying Job by Eric Elizalde