Beach Smells by Cameron Jones

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Beach Smells


Everyone has their one favorite place they go to to feel content, peace, happiness, guidance, or to simply have a good time. The place that I love going to where I feel perfectly content is the beach. Now, when people think of their favorite place, that thought is usually incorporated with sights, smells, tastes, or events. Today I am going to focus on the smells that I smell when I go to the beach or that remind me of the beach when I smell them. This can be thought of as an odd concept however, when thinking about this subject I actually discovered that there are many smells that remind me of my favorite place. I would have to say that a few of my favorite beaches would be Pacific Beach San Diego, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Beach. These beaches are all very beautiful, clean, and enjoyable environments. Therefore, many of the smells I experience at these places are similar.

A few basic fragrances linked with the beach would be the smell of the ocean, salty air, seaweed, fish, and, most importantly, salt water. Anytime the waft of salt water hits me, my mind immediately recollects the seashore. When I go to the sand and sea, I spend 75% of my time in the water surfing or swimming; I am always getting salt water on my face and in my nose. However, different beaches bring different scents. For example, I listed, above, a few of my favorite beaches all of which have similar atmospheres. Therefore, when I go to these coastal locations, they smell comparable. However, other beaches that are not as hygienic – beaches such as Venice, or Balboa Island. These odors sometimes consist of polluted air, feces, or even narcotics such as marijuana. When I go to these places, I am upset since the beach is (in my opinion) one of God’s most beautiful creations. So why is it all right to pollute it and make it stink like a dumpster? It is not! Therefore, I try to integrate the beach with beautiful scents, because it is a lovely place. Other aromas I enjoy at the beach are different kinds of food. When I go to the beach, I usually enjoy getting breakfast/ lunch so the scent of fruit, eggs, toast, and bacon greatly enhance my coastline experience. While smells are a big part of the my favorite place, nothing beats actually going and enjoying oneself at the stunningly attractive setting that is

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Beach Smells by Cameron Jones